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今回のテーマは "folklore"






004のテーマ "folklore"をイメージして選曲、MIXしたフィメールフォークのMIX CD(60 min)付き。




限定100部 消費税込み 3000円(送料200円 クリックポストでの発送)





For overseas customers


Hibiki Tokiwa's limited handmade ZINE.

Monthly NEWEROS 004

A5 size 18 pages (stapler) There is a separate page.

Comes with 1 2L version original prints.

Some pages have been processed by the artist.


Includes a female folk MIX CD (60 min) that has been selected and mixed with the image of the theme "folklore" of 004.


Contains the writer's signature and numbering.


Edition 100 copies


A shipping fee of 1000 yen will be charged overseas using Japan Post.

If you are in a country where you cannot specify delivery, please contact us.


* It will be shipped sequentially from the end of April.

Monthly NEWEROS 004

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